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A wide range of gazebo lights to suit every pocket

It’s a bit of a minefield when looking for gazebo lighting. For a start, there are so many different lighting types, with different pricing and quality. It’s difficult to know where to start. To help, we put together our guide on gazebo lights which has helped hundreds of people decide on the right set of lights for them.


Gazebo Light Reviews:

There’s a lot to digest. For a start, you’ll need to decide if you want solar lighting or mains connected lighting. With technology advancing, the solar options are better than ever, but still they’ll not last as long or provide quite as much light as mains connected lighting will. So it’s a matter of preference.

We’ve put our heads together to come up with 2 favourite mains connected and 2 favourite solar options for gazebo lighting. In each category we’ll pick our best all round model and our best budget option, so there’s something for everyone.

The best gazebo lights (mains connected)


crinex popup gazebo

Brightech Ambience Pro

Size: 10×10

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: Detachable


We’ve chosen the Ambience Pro to be our best choice for gazebo lights (mains connected) because it’s an attractive looking light that is commercial grade in quality. In other words, it’s built to be used for extended periods of time. It’s robust and durable.

Apart of the commercial quality, with especially thick cabling, it’s also a nice light, delivering a soft, warm and bright light. It also comes with an additional light.

The only drawback we can see, assuming you like the design and aesthetics, is that the bulb is a little fragile and needs to be added once the lights are installed.

The best value gazebo lights (mains connected)


Brightown Globe String Lights

Size: 3×3

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: No


What a lot of people love about this offering from Brightown is that the gazebo lights look more expensive than they really are. Which means they offer a lot of value. You also get a warm and bright light.

One big plus, especially compared to other gazebo lights in this price range, is that they Globe String Lights come in a number of different colours. They’re easy to hang and pretty durable once you have them in place.

They have fragile bulbs, that’s something to bear in mind. It’s normally not an issue if you install the lights first and then add the bulbs. Other than that, they’re good quality, good looking and all for a reasonable price.

The best all round gazebo lights (solar)


Lumify USB Chargeable Outdoor Solar Powered Vintage Bulb Lights

Size: 3×4.5

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: No


If you’re looking for ambience as much as you the practicalities of lighting, you’ll appreciate these solar lights from Lumify. They have a vintage look and glow that is different than your standard light.

But that’s not what makes them really unique. They operate as a standard solar light, in which they directly use solar panel to charge. But if you run out of charge you can simply plug in a USB and charge them that way.

They’re quick to install and have a good reputation for reliability. The USB charge is what really gives them the edge though. A 4 hour charge will last for 12 days.