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Gazebo leg weights that offer something for everyone

If you’re looking for some gazebo weights then it really couldn’t be easier. Just check through our buyer’s guide. We’ve singled out gazebo weights fit for every budget and need. Whatever type of leg weight you’re looking for, our guide has you covered.


Gazebo Weight Reviews:

When you’re looking at purchasing some gazebo leg weights it can be difficult to appreciate where the value lies. Not many searchers find themselves well versed on the options.

We’ve ensured that the options we’ve highlighted cater for varying leg thickness and shapes of frames. We’ve hand-picked our favourite from the budget end of the gazebo weights and selected our pick from the premium options. For our final choice, we’ve picked our all-round favourite.

The Best Gazebo Leg Weights


crinex popup gazebo

Airwave Gazebo Leg Weights.

Size: 10×10

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: Detachable


Out of all weights we’ve reviewed, we would have to say our overall pick is the Airwave Gazebo Leg Weights. Although they fit perfectly with the Airwave models, as you might expect, they are designed to work well with every other brand out there too.

They fit perfectly for gazebos that have legs sized 30mm diameter.

You get for 4 weights in a set that can be best described as screw on containers. They can be filled with either water or sand, When filled with water, they weigh 8kg and with sand, it weighs 11kg.

We rate these because they’re easy to fill and easy to fit, you don’t need any tools.They can be used on soft and hard surfaces alike and they don’t damage the surface. They’re perfect to make your gazebo secure for most weather.

The Best Value Gazebo Leg Weights


All Seasons Gazebo Leg Weight Bags

Size: 3×3

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: No


For the value option we wanted a gazebo leg weight that would fit all gazebos. That’s why we opted for the All Seasons gazebo leg weight bags. They attach to gazebo legs via velcro straps which a simple yet functional design.

They can be filled with either sand or water, but better than that, if you’re just looking for a quick fix you can put water or pop bottles on the bags, which works well.

There is a lot to like. Easy to set up, easy to fill and unfill with sand or water, universal and they’re machine washable. They also don’t damage the surface the gazebo is being set up on.

The Best Premium Gazebo Weights


Cast Iron Weighted Feet for Heavy Duty leg weights.

Size: 3×4.5

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: No


These set of foot weights are an ideal fit hexagonal and square shaped gazebo legs, fitting most legs from 30mm to 50mm in diameter.

In terms of gazebo leg weights, they offer far more superior and stable support than any other leg weight mentioned in this review and pretty much on the market. They are heavy duty in every way, weighing an impressive 52kg.

This makes the weights durable. There’s also no messing around with filling of sand or water, plus they’re easily connected. The only downsides worth mentioning are their weight, which makes them cumbersome to move around, and the quality of material means they’re a touch more expensive than the others on our guide.

Our opinion is, they are worth the extra money. They’ll last for years making them not just better quality but a better investment.