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Browse a wide range of pop up gazebo models.

Looking for the right pop up gazebo couldn’t be easier, just take a look through our buyer’s guide. Whether you’re looking for the best pop up gazebo, or a top-quality pop up with sides, our guide has you covered.



Pop Up Gazebo Reviews:

When you’re looking at multiple models of pop up gazebos it can be difficult to figure out what the best one for you might be… It’s important to take context into consideration.

The context is the circumstance, most people looking for a good pop up gazebo are looking for a specific event or idea in mind. You need to take into consideration the size of the gazebo, as well as whether it’s waterproof, if it has sides and more.

The Best Pop Up Gazebo


crinex popup gazebo

CRINEX 10X10 Pop Up Gazebo

Size: 10×10

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: Detachable

This is our top pick for the best pop up gazebo.

It has brilliant reviews over on Amazon.com, while offering a great deal for the actual price. Not only does this Gazebo look great, but it has sides. Pop up gazebos with sides are very much in demand, so picking one with this feature was a key part of our decision to name this the top gazebo.

These side walls are completely removable, so if you wanted to choose on the actual day whether or not to include them then it’s perfect for that. At 10×10 it’s not a small gazebo by any means, so it’s perfect for all kinds of functions.

The CRINEX 10X10 is waterproof as well, able to withstand up to 150lbs of pressure it’s more than capable of handling even the most torrential downpour.

The Best Budget Gazebo


AIRWAVE 3X3 Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo

Size: 3×3

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: No

This is our best pick for those who are looking for a cheap, but quality pop up gazebo.

If you’re looking for a quality gazebo that isn’t going to break the bank then look no further. This option is “cheap”, but it doesn’t look it. You can get this gazebo in over six different colours and it’s easily assembled as any pop up gazebo can be.

The fact it’s waterproof is a huge plus for those who want this out in their garden for use as a bbq gazebo. It has wind struts as you can see in the photo, which is definitely important for gazebos that aren’t super heavy duty.

Where it’s let down is in that it doesn’t have any sides, and it’s obviously not the biggest nor the most luxurious looking gazebo in the world. On the whole, we really like this for uses around the garden or taking it down to the beach since the carry bag comes included.

The Best Value Pop Up Gazebo



Size: 3×4.5

Waterproof: Yes

Sides: No

This is our best pick for value for money.

This gazebo comes in over 20 different colour options, and is classed as a heavy duty gazebo due to the weight and quality of the product itself. You can either choose the classic gazebo design as pictured here, or any of the other options.

As it’s a kind of average sized gazebo it’s perfect for families. It does come with a carry bag and wheels, which is quite important for a gazebo of this kind. If you’re going camping, nobody really wants to be carrying around a 26kg gazebo. So it’s good the company have thought of this. As you’d expect the product is fully-waterproof and the resistance seems to be very good from the reviews.

With such decent reviews, spending the little bit extra is well worth it for a quality gazebo that’s going to last you a good few years. This is because it doesn’t need a wind strut like some cheaper products might, it comes with some additional leg weights if you need them, and in all its said the product can be used on any surface whether it’s grass, sand or your own patio. It’s very multi-functional and we recommend it very highly for this reason, so it’s definitely where you’ll be getting the most value for your money.